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By Heather Lunny

The final look of the Giorgio Armani ss2012 show, which was all about light and it’s reflection on the movement of the fabrics.

By Joie Reinstein

Eccentric Glam at Milan Fashion Week. Anna Dello Russo and Bryan Boy once again didn’t disappoint. 

Photos by Rose-Helen Adamo

Emilio Pucci SS12: Gypsy Girl Dances and Seduces

By Heather Lunny

Let There Be Pleats

By Melissa Moylan

Pleats are a really, really big deal for S12. You may have caught my post on them during NYFW which I referred back to Miu Miu’s S10 collection. In Milan pleats are more than just a detail, and even more importantly, Prada features the pleated skirt EVERYWHERE. In other words, Miuccia is kind of knocking off her own idea 4 seasons later. Hmmm…

Sheer Placement

By Melissa Moylan

I’ve talked about sheer transparency once or twice so far this S12 season. In Milan it becomes much more obvious where the impact lies. Sheer skirtsor even underskirts (as featured at Marni) quickly become seasonal essentials. Dresses – especially maxis – are also prime for sheer skirted styles.

Razzle Dazzle

By Melissa Moylan

There is no shortage of embellishment on the S12 Milan runways. To be sure, the Roaring 20s harbor in a heavily beaded look, but that’s not all.Sequinspailettes and fringe are all present, making for very desirable looks in eveningwear.

Hula Hana of Kamana

By Melissa Moylan

Remember those Hawaiian prints in New York? Fast-forward to Milan and Blumarine hosts a Hawaiian Luau, complete with 50s silhouettes, which turn into a complete look (nicely paired with cropped tops). The punchy florals and tropical palette are a no-brainer. Matched sets and full skirts complete with raffia trim are also featured.

Backstage Party: Milan Fashion Week SS12

By Heather Lunny

Prada SS12

Off The Shoulder

By Melissa Moylan

FINALLY it’s not about the one shoulder silhouette anymore. Yes of course it’s still lingering but at least we have a new direction for S12. The off the shoulder shape is featured in Milan on dresses as well as tops and makes a great complimentary statement on those previously mentioned cropped tops.

The Cropped Sweater

By Melissa Moylan

Move over openwork, there’s a new sweater in town. A number of Milan designers feature cropped sweaters for Spring 12. And while it’s an extension of the popular cropped tops featured in New York, the conversation expands here. Obviously junior market friendly, newer expressions pair cropped silhouettes with fuller 50s skirts which speak to a more contemporary customer. Layered styles are also fair game.

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