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Star Trek House

By Jaye Mize

I’m not even a big Star Trek fan but 24th Century Design deserves major praise. Check the site, you’ll see. My inner geek loves it. “Bliss is a room without wires…”

L’Opera Restaurant – Paris

By Jaye Mize


A Dandy Room

By Jaye Mize

Regine Ramseier

Got my boots but still need:

By Heather Lunny

fall hat

hair like this

paint my room

clueless inspired outfit

metallic/black  manicure

ash wedge sneakers

new fur coat (for winter)


By Mitchell Kass

A few months ago I posted a HOME lifestyle trend called Clarity. Many times home and interior trends start the cycle that trickle down to fashion. This season on the SS 12 runaways we saw the beginnings of clarity surface in materials of clear rubber and plastics being introduced by many designers to evoke clarity.

DIY String Art Masterpieces

By Jaye Mize


2011 Hamptons Designer Showhouse Preview

By Jaye Mize

Each year designers come together to adorn a fabulous mansion in the Hamptons to benefit the Southampton Hospital. For their 11th year, the showhouse is featured in a traditional shingle style home in Bridgehampton and visitors can take the tour until September 4th. Here is a sneak peak of my favorites, but be sure to head over to Fashion Snoops to check out the full coverage!

Haus Interior

Lillian August

Lillian August

Schermerhorn Interior Design

Jennifer McGee Design, Inc

Bakes and Company

Eddie Lee Inc

Keith Carroll

Ron Fiore for Hickory Chair

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Patricia Fisher Design

Joy Tribout

Baltimore Design Group

Aurelien Gallet LLC

Aurelien Gallet LLC

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

The Mod House

By Jaye Mize

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WE LOVE: Paned Windows

By Heather Lunny

Heritage Quilts @Brimfield Flea

By Melissa Moylan

Granted, last week was my first trip to Brimfield Flea. And like any flea or antique market, there are always going to be dealers that specialize in certain products or eras show after show. I’m sure that quilts belong in that category, however there was just something about these heritage quilts that I want to discuss. After my first day of the textile show, all I wanted to talk about were the parallels between Rodarte’s Fall 11 collection and what I called Little House on the Prairie vintage finds like quilting, openwork and simple patterns. There is something so relevant about this happening in fashion right now, which makes us yearn for a more simplistic time in the way of craft and heritage. Also, during Fall 11 runway season, I mentionedhandcrafted elements, including old-fashioned granny squares which were introduced on the runways. Here are some of my favorite quilts from Brimfield – all in mint condition I might add – with several dated back to the 19th century.

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